​Frequently Asked Questions


Which is best for my project?

Wood Paint Grade, Wood Stain Grade, Steel, or Glass Doors? The answer depends on your preferences such as cedar is an excellent stain grade wood and is highly resistant to rot and insects.  Mahogany is a tight smooth grain surface and is very weather-resistant and is also an excellent stain grade wood. We can help you achieve the look you want for your home.

What kind of paint, stain, and varnish should I use? David’s Garage Doors & Openers, Inc. does not specifically recommend one particular kind of paint, stain, or varnish over another though it seems Watco oil and Behr spar varnish have become popular brands that many people use with excellent results. Watco and Behr products can be found at most home improvements stores. 

Why Should I Select David’s Garage Doors & Openers, Inc.?

We have been in the home improvement industry since 1985. Our goal is to provide you the best quality products, installation, and service for an affordable price. We align ourselves with the best manufacturers and pride ourselves in providing the custom finish you want. We make your idea a reality with high-quality installation every time. Living in the community we serve means our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Why do I need an insulated steel door rather than a non-insulated door?

A high-quality steel door is built with steel in the front, insulation in the middle, and steel on the back. The insulation (or core) provides insulation R-value of 10 (depends on model selected) more than twice as much as common polystyrene insulation board with the same thickness. It's chemically bonded to each steel section, creating a composite structure with higher strength, greater rigidity, improved dent-resistance and better thermal protection.

I have a custom-built garage with an unusual size, can you help?

Look no further, customization and unique designs are our specialty and will help you get your garage doors installed. Give us a call at (865)382-5322. 

What is the minimum headroom required to operate a sectional door?

My garage has very little space (headroom) above the door. What is the minimum headroom required to operate a sectional door?

Standard headroom requires 12” to 18” of space between the bottom of the opening header and the unobstructed ceiling; however, we specialize in custom-built applications. Unique track options are available and make it possible for many unusual garages to be fitted with doors. Each situation is different and various things can be done this is why we check every job before ordering doors. There are multiple alternative track applications.  No matter the configuration of your personal situation we can help create the custom design you need. 

What type of care and maintenance is necessary for my wood garage door and hardware?

We recommend yearly inspection of both the door and the hardware. Inspection of the exterior garage door will pay dividends when refinishing eventually becomes necessary. David's Garage Doors & Openers provides a maintenance care plan, set this up with us today to assure the best life in your investment.